The Facts & FAQs
  • Reduce Your Personal Tax Liability
Foreign Registry Ltd. has many techniques to reduce or eliminate personal taxes. Before we are able to give detailed advice, we need to understand the full circumstances of your background. 
  • Reducing Your Corporate Tax Liabilities
If your company trades goods internationally, an offshore company may be used in a variety of ways. By discussing your circumstances, we may suggest one of our international trading schemes that take great advantage of the available benefits.
  • Protection of Your Personal Assets
By placing your personal investments in an offshore holding company, income can be accumulated, possibly tax free, in a confidential environment. It is here that a Trust may be the best way of holding your funds as an alternative to a Company.
  • Protection of Your Corporate Assets
These include such assets as shares or real estate which are situated either offshore of onshore. The benefits of holding these assets offshore include confidentiality, securing of assets and the possibility of reduction in taxation.
  • Anonymity
By taking advantage of our nominee director and shareholder's facility, you can be assured that your identity will not appear on any public record. We secure your anonymity by obsessively observing the strictest rules of confidentiality. All information on file is privy only to you and ourselves.
  • Retention of Control
If you have decided to use nominee director and shareholders, which in many cases is essential in ensuring that control of the company is not your responsibility, you will be provided with a full nominee pack. This means that you can, at any time, transfer control to whomever you wish without obtaining our permission.
     We shall also provide you with a Power of Attorney. This will give you full authority to transact business on behalf of the company. Unless you decide otherwise, we will ensure that you operate the bank account and therefore have full control of your finances.
  • Confidentiality
As well as the provision of nominee directors and shareholders, we can also offer bank signatories and a representative office which gives the appearance of a company with its own premises, but at a fraction of the cost. To ensure that your business remains confidential, we assure you that your dealings are conducted in the strictest of confidence.
  • Will it Work?
There is nothing illegal in using an OPHC. Offshore companies can trade anywhere in the world. Anonymity and confidentiality can be maintained to the outside world, which is why so many individuals and corporations have set up offshore companies.

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