Foreign Registry Ltd. is an International Association of Tax Law Firms which are available to form an Offshore Personal Holding Company or an Offshore Trust in the Jurisdiction of your choice. Foreign Registry Ltd. represents many international investors and multinational corporations. The attorneys at Foreign Registry Ltd. have extensive experience in structuring Offshore Investments.
     In recent years, an increasing number of families have established Offshore Trusts and Offshore Personal Holding Companies (OPHC) to make their investments in United States Stocks, Bonds, Securities, Real Estate and other U.S. Assets. 
    Their objective in using these structures is to:
1) Minimize Taxation
2) Provide Confidentiality
3) Retain Authority
4) Protection Against Confiscation of Property
5) Protection from Forced Heirship
6) Transmission of Wealth

Laws of the United States

U.S. Estate Tax
The United States imposes an Estate Tax on the value of U.S. properties held by an International Investor (non-U.S. Domiciliary). The kinds of property subject to U.S. Tax include shares of Stocks, Bonds, Notes, and other Securities issued by U.S. Corporations, Bonds issued by the United States and its Political Subdivisions, Real and Tangible Property located in the United States.
     The U.S. Estate Tax is imposed at progressive rates up to 55% on the fair market value of the United States Property owned by the International Investor.
     Shares of stock issued by a corporation organized outside the United States are not subject to U.S. Estate Tax if held by an International Investor at the time of his death. The U.S. Estate Tax can be entirely avoided where all U.S. property, otherwise subject to U.S. Estate Tax, is held by a foreign corporation rather than directly by an International Investor.

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