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Penalty Abatements

Tax Penalty Abatement

If you or your business owes back taxes, penalties and interest will accrue until the tax liability is resolved or paid in full.  Don't let penalties and interest accrued turn your tax liability into an overwhelming debt. Our firm deals with the IRS to reduce your tax debt and,in certain circumstances, may successfully  waive or abate the penalties assessed against you.

Most common penalties:

  • Failure to pay Taxes
  • Failure to file a Tax Return
  • Failure to accurately report Taxpayer information
  • Participation in a Tax Shelter
  • Failure to report correct Tax Liability


Getting IRS Tax Penalties Abated

Penalties associated with late, underpaid and/or unpaid taxes may be waived if you can show "reasonable cause" for lack of payment. Possible reasons include:

  • Reliance on Tax Professional
  • Inaccurate information from the IRS
  • Payment History
  • Special Circumstances such as Natural Disaster, Serious Illness, Death, etc....
  • Inability to obtain essential records

Don't face the IRS alone!

At Marini & Associates Law Offices, we have a thorough and comprehensive understanding of IRS procedures and how they evaluate penalty abatement requests. Let our experience work for you.

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