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The Only Sure Thing about IRS Problems Is… They Don’t Go Away

The Only Sure Thing About IRS Problems Is “They Don’t Go Away By Themselves.”


Settle For Pennies With The IRS!

Many taxpayers find themselves in a position where they can never pay off the IRS. It’s mathematically impossible with all the Penalties and Interest the IRS continues to ADD every day. These old tax liabilities can prevent you from ever owning a house or car. The banks won’t even talk to you with a Federal Tax Lien on your credit. The constant worrying about how to get on with life is never ending.

The New IRS Program called Offer in Compromise allows you to pay the IRS a small amount (pennies on the dollar) and have them wipe out the total amount you owe them, including all penalties and interest. When the IRS accepts your Offer and you pay it, then ALL Federal Tax liens are removed.

You Get Your Life Back!

Preparing and successfully negotiating an Offer in Compromise is a complicated process and currently takes 6-9 months. Our firm handles the preparation of Offers in Compromise and all of the negotiations with the IRS. Your Offer is completely handled by our firm. You never have to meet with the IRS to discuss your Offer.

IRS Audit Letter?

There is really not much worse mail you can get besides an IRS Audit Letter. You know the letter that says “Come on down to see us or we’ll be out to see you. Oh, and by the way, bring in every piece of paper you have for the last 3 years.”

The time away from your job and family is considerable when dealing with an IRS Audit. The worst part is that if you don’t comply, the cost of any changes by the Auditor can be more than your annual income with all the Penalties and Interest. We don’t suggest that any individual or Business meet with the IRS directly in connection with an Audit. The IRS Auditors are trained to get more information out of you than you have to provide. They audit people and businesses all day long, every day! How are you supposed to WIN?

The first thing we recommend is that you don’t speak or meet with the auditor. Have an independent Attorney handle all correspondence and meetings with the IRS. This puts the IRS on notice that you are serious about winning your audit. The preparation before the audit appointment is extremely important.

Our Firm handles IRS Audits by actually performing an audit of your records in our office before the scheduled Audit Date. This way we uncover any areas where your documentation is not adequate before the IRS Auditor looks at your records.

IRS Audits usually start with one year and then expand to other years as the auditor makes changes. Your goal must be “To stop the Auditors in their tracks on the first year being audited in order to prevent any additional changes in other years.”

Our firm meets with the IRS Auditor in either their office or our office, BUT Not In Your Home or Office. Our methods allow you to continue on with your business and personal life and let us deal directly with the IRS.

Don’t Pay Penalties!

The IRS assesses penalties to taxpayers for all kinds of reasons. The purpose of penalties is to punish taxpayers enough so they won’t do the same thing again. Well, the penalty idea has gotten out of control.

Taxpayers are being severely punished by tax penalties to the point of putting their families and themselves into extreme hardship.

What most people don’t know is . . . That many of these penalties can be reduced to zero. The IRS has guidelines, which allow many circumstances where the taxpayer is relieved of all the penalties.

We request that a taxpayer write our firm a letter explaining all the things that went on in their life at the time of the penalties, then we compose a Request for Penalty Abatement”. It’s a great way to avoid penalties you don’t have to pay.

Delinquent Returns

Taxpayers get behind in filing tax returns from time to time and often make the problem worse by never filing. You know the IRS is out there looking for you and you want to start sleeping like a baby again. So what’s the hold up?

Well, most people with unfiled returns are afraid of what will happen to them when they get back in the system. By using an Attorney to represent you, as you file these old returns, the Attorney will be the contact person with the IRS. They will deal with all the IRS communications, and you can get straight with the IRS without worrying.

IRS Takes Monthly Payments

If you find yourself behind in tax liabilities, you can always borrow at the IRS Bank. The IRS has over One Hundred Billion dollars owed to them by individual and business taxpayers.

When you find that you can’t pay, what you owe, the IRS will work out some type of payment arrangements. The IRS guidelines for what expenses they will allow each month are very stringent. But the bottom line is that you only pay the IRS what you can afford each month. For example: A taxpayer who owes the IRS $43,000 may only be paying $50 per month and a taxpayer who owes $16,000 may be paying $800 per month.

How much you owe does not matter. The payment arrangements are based on how much you can pay. You must understand what the IRS guidelines allow BEFORE any contract is made with the IRS regarding monthly payments.

We review a taxpayer’s financial condition and can usually suggest the amount, which the IRS will accept for a monthly payment before we contact the IRS.

Our clients must approve the monthly payment amount before we agree to anything with the IRS. The best time to handle an IRS payment arrangement is BEFORE the IRS levies your bank account or garnishes your wages.

Sneak a Look Your IRS Files!

Taxpayers have the right to look at their own IRS file. Many taxpayers would be surprised to see how much and often how little the IRS actually knows about them. Requesting such records is best done by an Attorney who understands how the IRS works and can read the coded documents in your file. The Attorney requesting such information does not raise any red flags and usually has the file information in 30 days. If you’re concerned about what they know about you, we can take a quiet peek for you.

Don’t Worry...But Don’t Talk To Them Either.

Taxpayers that find themselves at odds with the IRS should never speak directly with the IRS, even if you’re completely innocent. Get an Attorney who deals with them everyday to handle the discussions.

It’s amazing how many IRS cases are generated out of seemingly normal conversations. Avoid worrying about IRS problems by having an experienced Attorney take care of them. Your IRS Problems becomes our problems. We can usually provide you immediate help with any IRS Problems.

Taxpayers with IRS Problems Never Can Retire!

Do you know those nagging IRS Problems can prevent you from ever retiring? The IRS can even levy your Social Security and Pension Benefits. If you never take care of your IRS Problems, you’ll probably work until you die...

Because you’ll never have the opportunity to save or have anything put away for retirement. Do yourself a favor and take the 1st step to ending your IRS Problems. Waiting will not help you or your family. Start now and in a short time you’ll be like your neighbors, co-workers and friends, enjoying life and not worrying about the IRS knocking at your front door.

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