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Marini & Associates, PA's publications enable us to share important information with you, concerning:

  1. Domestic & International Estate Planning
    • Up to Date Information on US & Foreign International Estate Tax Planning & Cases.
    • Up to Date Information on filing estate tax forms (e.g.706 & 706NA).


  2. Basic Estate Planning


  3. What You Should Know? 
  4. U.S. Portfolio Investment
  5. The Tax Times – International & Tax Litigation Blog containing
    • Latest IRS Attorney Blogs
    • Latest IRS Topics Blogs
    • Latest on Foreign Bank Accounts
    • Latest on Voluntary Disclosures
    • Latest on Foreign Country’s Required Reporting Requirements
    • Latest on IRS Criminal Tax Prosecutions
    • Latest on IRS Collection Activities
    • Latest on Tax Law Changes
  6. IRS Tax Collections


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