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IRS Appeals Update – Presented at ABA Tax Meeting

IRS Appeals Update – Presented at ABA Tax Meeting

According to Procedurally TaxingKeith Fogg observed during the ABA Tax Section Meeting that the panel offered a couple slides about Appeals inventory that might be of value to readers interested in what’s happening in Appeals. 

The first slide presented shows the cases coming into Appeals over the past three years.  The slide shows a sharp dip as a result of the pandemic.  Exam cases accounted for two thirds of the drop in case receipts between FY 2019 and FY 2020.  It’s not surprising given the sharp drop off in exam activity.  Because exam cases constitute such a large percentage of Appeals receipts, this area of drop has a bigger impact even though almost all types of receipts dropped. 

The second slide shows staffing as well as receipts and closures over the last three years.  Here, cycle time provides the most eye-catching number.  Cycle time on cases more than doubled between FY 2018 and FY 2021.  This gives a real view of the impact of the pandemic on operations.

The panel talked about the challenges of working from home.  Many Appeals employees were working from home before the pandemic and had the capability to do so, unlike employees in many IRS functions, but the pandemic broke information supply chains making case processing much more difficult in some instances. 

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