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So You Want to Expatriate from the US, but to Where?

So You Want to Expatriate from the US, but to Where?

If you're upset about that:

  • Trump Did Not Win the Election.
    (or maybe in your mind he did with the election?)
  • The Democrat's Now Control the House & the Senate.
  • Obama-Care with its associated additional 3.8% Obama Care Tax makes you feel like leaving the country?

  • You're so sick of liberal Democrats trying to socialize the United States by taxing wealthy people?

  • Or maybe you're a naturalized U.S. citizen or permanent resident who has prospered here, but would now like to move back the old country for retirement or to start a new  venture?
then you may be a candidate for expatriating from the United States, but where do you move to?

Henley & Partners in partnership with Deep Knowledge Analytics launched the Best Investment Migration Real Estate Index, which is a unique new analytical tool to assess investment migration programs offering real estate investment as a pathway to residence rights or citizenship acquisition.

This etric considers over 30 parameters and over 300 data points to score and compare program options worldwide according to key considerations such as quality of life in the host country, GDP, the minimum real estate investment amount, potential rental income, associated property costs, application processing efficiency, the real estate holding period, residence requirements, any restrictions, and salability, as well as crypto-friendliness, which is gaining in importance among global investors.

The key takeout from this research is that there is a vast range of opportunities available to strengthen and diversify your investment portfolio while simultaneously expanding your domicile options via investment migration. The Best Investment Migration Real Estate Index is designed so that you can select the parameters that matter most to you and your family, and make an informed, data-driven decision about what is best for all.  

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

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