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They're Back! Automated Collection Notices to Phase Back In Soon.

They're Back! Automated Collection Notices to Phase Back In Soon.

On  we posted IRS Suspends Mailing Of Additional Letters & Notices, where we discussed that according to IR-2022-31 issued on February 9, 2022, the IRS announced the suspension of more than a dozen additional letters, including the mailing of automated collection notices normally issued when a taxpayer owes additional tax, and the IRS has no record of a taxpayer filing a tax return.

Now according Thompson Reuters, these temporarily suspended mailings of automated collection notices will resume on a staggered basis to spare IRS customer service representatives and tax practitioners from a deluge of taxpayer correspondence, though it is unclear when this process will or should begin.

National Taxpayer Advocate Erin Collins explained as much to the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants’ (AICPA) Tax Executive Committee in a closed-door meeting November 2 in Washington, D.C. According to Collins, the IRS “has a plan” for how it will restart the mailing of collection notices that were halted in February, which is to “spread it over a period of time.”

“When they make the decision, they’re not just going to flip the switch and 50 million notices go out on the same day,” Collins said to the AICPA committee comprised of tax professionals across several firms. 

“Their Goal Is To Spread It Out Every Three,
Four Weeks, And To Try And Keep The Levels Down
So That The Phones Aren’t Inundated The Minute
The Letters Go Out And You All Aren’t Inundated.”

At Wednesday’s meeting, a member asked if taxpayers would be receiving the next subsequent notice (such as a second warning after the initial letter) or if the passage of time would automatically trigger levies.

“My understanding is it’ll go in order. That is the intent,” Collins answered. She followed up, though, that some IRS agents may still wish to pursue larger amounts, but for now the marching orders are to hold off.

Edward Karl, vice president of taxation at the AICPA, voiced concern that even if notices were staggered weeks apart, it would not ultimately matter if the process begins at a time when practitioners have their plates full, like when “people are already in the throes of second tax season,” as he described.

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