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Updated IRS Website Provides That in Person Appeals Hearings Are Suspended Until Further Notice

Updated IRS Website Provides That in Person Appeals Hearings Are Suspended Until Further Notice

IRS has updated its "IRS Operations During COVID-19: Mission critical" website with updates on how it is functioning during Covid 19 including information about changes to procedures in its Appeals Office and information about its resumed issuance of balance due notices.

The IRS has had to curtail some operations due to COVID-19, but its mission-critical functions, including accepting tax returns and sending refunds, continue. It has set up a website (the "IRS Operations During COVID-19: Mission critical") detailing what functions are and are not currently operating.

Appeals Office changes.  

The IRS removed language from the website that said that in-person Appeals conferences had been suspended “until at least August 31, 2020.” 

The Website Now Say That Appeals In Person

Meetings Are Suspended “Until Further Notice.”

The updated website still states that IRS is offering telephone and videoconference Appeals conferences. But it changes IRS’s position on Appeals conferences for cases that haven’t been docketed in the Tax Court. 

Appeals Will No Longer Suspend Cases Due To A Taxpayer's Request For An In-Person Conference. 

“In the interests of providing a timely Appeals conference, Appeals will now begin contacting taxpayers and scheduling a conference, either over the telephone or through WebEx.”  

The website reflects IRS's previously posted information that it resumed sending the 500 series balance due notices to taxpayers in October.

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