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Estate & Gift Tax Litigation

Estate & Gift Tax Litigation

Marini & Associates PA’s tax litigators have extensive experience litigating federal estate, gift and fiduciary income tax disputes in federal and state courts across the country.

International Estate Planning

We offer services to non-citizens and non-resident alien individuals to assist them in structuring an estate and business succession plan that addresses the unique tax rules applicable to them. Our attorneys provide wide-ranging services in the area of international estate planning:

Domestic wills for non-citizens;
Foreign trusts;
Foreign business entities; and
Pre-immigration planning

For example, Marini & Associates PA has represented many corporate and individual fiduciaries, as well as charitable and educational institutions, in negotiating and litigating tax issues against the IRS.

Additionally, Marini & Associates PA’s tax controversy and litigation attorneys regularly represent clients in audits by, and appeals against, the IRS on estate and gift tax returns, fiduciary income tax returns and other tax-related issues including domicile disputes.

Probate Administration and Fiduciary Litigation

We offer advice in trust law and estate law litigation in connection with issues arising from the following:

Duties with respect to trust investment and administration;
Duties to segregate trust property;
Duties of delegation;
Duties to administer a trust;
Duties of loyalty;
Duties of impartiality;
Duties of successor trustee with respect to acts of predecessor;
Duties to report and account to beneficiaries;
Duties regarding claims and actions against estates and trusts;
Duties with respect to co-trustees;
Remedies for breach of trust and self-dealing;
Negligent conduct by a fiduciary;
Fraudulent conduct by a fiduciary;
Incapacity or lack of competence;
Undue influence.


If you have been contacted by the IRS or a State/Local Taxing Authority, regarding an Estate, Gift or Fiduciary tax liability, contact Marini & Associates,PA immediately for assistance in representing and defending you from further Governmental Action and Assessments!

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