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As National Debts Pile Up, Tax Evaders Face Greater Scrutiny

As National Debts Pile Up, Tax Evaders Face Greater Scrutiny

NY Times-London- Disputes are raging from Athens to Washington about how to reduce government debt without further damaging already weak economies.  But there is at least one thing on which global leaders seem to agree: cracking down on tax havens and tax evasion would help. 

Tax evasion and compliance was on the agenda of the meeting of the Group of 20 countries in Cannes amid hope that the economic crisis has given policy makers new impetus to push for a coordinated attempt to hunt for some of that offshore wealth. 
Assets held offshore by individuals worldwide have probably almost doubled from $11.5 trillion six years ago, according to the Tax Justice Network, a nongovernmental organization. 
Efforts to go after tax evaders range from investing in technology and hiring tax officers to working with the O.E.C.D. to reach agreements governing tax havens. 
Whatever steps are taken, policy makers agree that it takes international cooperation and initiatives by individual countries to reduce tax evasion.

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