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First Ever Indian Has Their USA E-2 Visa Application Granted Through the Grenada Citizenship by Investment Program

First Ever Indian Has Their USA E-2 Visa Application Granted Through the Grenada Citizenship by Investment Program

On August 30, 2017 we posted New US E Business Visa Route for Frustrated Central American, Chineese, Indian & Venezuelan Investors, where we discussed thatCitizenship applications for the Caribbean island of Grenada have boomed in the last three years.

Reports have emerged that Grenada’s citizenship by investment program, introduced in 2014, is being used to fast-track US E2 visa applications.

Grenada is the only Caribbean country with a fast-track citizenship program, which signed a Commerce and Navigation Treaty with the USA. As a result, Grenada’s citizens are eligible for the US E2 non-immigrant visa. This means Grenadians can secure and US E2 visa with a substantial investment in a US-based business and employing some US citizen or US resident staff.

Now BLS Global is announced that a USA E-2 visa has been successfully grant first time ever to an Indian citizen via government-approved agents Kimpton Kawana Bay. The breakthrough application will likely be the first of many as more and more Indian citizens are becoming aware of the path available to them to live and work in the US through the US’s E2 visa.
This rout accessed through avenues such as applying for a Grenada citizenship through investing in government approved projects and then using the Grenada citizenship to apply for the USA’s E-2 visa.
The number of Indian citizens interested in investing for overseas citizenships and residency’s that g freedom to live and work overseas has seen a huge increase in recent years. A popular option for In citizens to gain access to the USA has been the EB-5 investor program, which allows an Indian citizen's to invest in a manner that will lead to the creation of new jobs in return for an US EB-5 green card. However, from the 21 of November the minimum investment required to file an application will be increasing from $500,000 USD to $900,000 USD, meaning that many potential investors will be excluded from consideration. There is also a longer waiting period for applications to be approved for the EB-5 program then the E2 visa.
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