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Tax Liens And Levies

Tax Liens And Levies

Tax liens and levies is a collection action by the Internal Revenue Service that can affect your wages, bank accounts, accounts receivables( if you're a business), your ability to obtain a loan and more importantly, the IRS can go after your assets.


  • Tax liens and levies The moment a tax deficiency has been determined, the IRS can attach a lien to any and all of your property. Including properties held by third parties such as rental income, alimony payments and bank accounts.


  • Wage GarnishmentThe IRS also has the power to garnish your income and your tax refunds.


Many taxpayers believe the IRS only has 10 years to collect a tax debt. However, the IRS may reduce a tax lien to a judgment, potentially allowing it more years to collect. At Marini & Associates Law Offices, we tenaciously oppose the IRS by working to suspend collection activity while negotiating terms to settle your debt. Our firm provides comprehensive and experienced assistance for individual and business Taxpayers in the U.S. and abroad.


Possible options to manage your tax debt include:

  • Installment Agreement;
  • Offer in Compromise for Doubt as to Liability; or
  • Offer in Compromise for Doubt as to Ability to Pay.

Attorney Ronald Marini has more than 30 years of experience handling all possible circumstances that may apply to your case and begins negotiating with the IRS immediately on your behalf. Stop IRS collection actions, contact Marini & Associates Law Offices at (305) 374-4424 or toll free at (888) 882 9243.


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