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Tax Litigation

Tax Litigation

Although most tax disputes are resolved through the during IRS audits and appeals procedures, if a favorable outcome cannot be achieved administratively, taxpayers have the right to litigate their cases in the federal court system. The United States Tax Court is the most common forum in which these types of cases are litigated. Cases involving IRS disputes can also be brought before the United States District Court and the United States Court of Federal Claims. Litigating a case in any of these federal courts is a challenging process and a successful result often hinges upon the skills of an experienced federal tax litigator.

Marini & Associates, P.A.’s team of trial lawyers specialize in IRS federal tax litigation. We have > 100 years of combined experience in successfully representing clients during the IRS tax audit, appeals and litigation processes. Our clients include individual taxpayers, corporations, partnerships, trusts, estates, high net worth individuals and other entities in the United States and abroad. Most of the lawyers at our firm worked for the IRS and the U.S. Tax Court before joining Marini & Associates, P.A. This experience gives each of our tax lawyers a strategic advantage when guiding clients through complex federal court procedures.

Marini & Associates, PA’s experienced tax litigators, many of whom are former IRS Tax Attorneys:

We have won precedent-setting victories in Tax, Federal and State courts. Tax controversies require experienced tax lawyers with litigation skills.

Marini & Associates, PA is led by senior lawyers with fundamental appreciation of the tax law, seasoned tax litigation skills and skilled appellate advocates with a record of creativity and achievement.

In addition, we represent clients on a regular basis in proceedings before the various IRS Appeals Offices.

Our experience in federal tax controversies extends to substantive issues, including section 482 allocations, tax accounting issues, unreasonable compensation, valuation disputes and reorganization issues, as well as procedural matters, including summons enforcement and defense of tax collection enforcement actions.

Marini & Associates, PA analyzes problems at the onset of a tax controversy and uses that analysis to guide its responses to IRS requests and positions.

We advise our clients concerning cost-effective potential solutions, while anticipating and preparing for litigation.

We combine a readiness to litigate with the skill to work out a negotiated settlement with taxing authorities.

Marini & Associates PA represents clients on all types of tax deficiencies and refund claims involving income taxes, payroll taxes, excise taxes, franchise taxes, estate and gift taxes, property taxes, sales and use taxes, and related penalties and interest. Our objective is to resolve each client’s tax dispute as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Marini & Associates, PA's tax controversy and tax litigation attorneys have strong relationships with auditors, tax officials and public officials throughout the United States and we know how to work within the federal and state tax systems. We also work closely with tax directors, CFOs, accountants and outside auditors of our clients to ensure that all bases are covered properly and defended during the audit and litigation process.

If you have been contacted by the IRS or a State/Local Taxing Authority, regarding you or your business' tax liability, contact Marini & Associates, PA immediately for assistance in representing and defending you from further Governmental Action and Assessments!

Call us today in Miami at (305) 374-4424, toll free at (888) 882 9243 or contact us online. Together, we will determine whether litigating your issue is your best course of action.

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