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Unfiled Tax Returns

Do You Have Unfiled Tax Returns? Let Us Help!

If you have failed to file a tax return, you are not alone. Many taxpayers fail to file their tax return for various reasons i.e. business downturn, divorce, illness, insufficient funds to pay the tax liability in full, etc. The Internal Revenue Service is unforgiving. Regardless of the reason for your failure to file, you may be liable for all of the following:

  • Civil penalties for failing to file, which may be assessed on a monthly basis
  • Criminal charges for tax evasion, which can include severe criminal penalties and time in jail
  • Penalties and interest on unpaid and back taxes

Penalties are generally higher for taxpayers who fail to file returns versus those who file and fail to pay the taxes owed. We can help.

Substitute For Return (SFR)

If you do not file a tax return, the IRS may file a return on your behalf, resulting in far worse consequences for you. The IRS will base your "substitute for return" on information reported only by other sources, such as your W-2 and 1099s, not taking into account your real expenses or exemptions. Adverse consequences caused by the IRS may include:

  • Overstating your real tax liability by not including exemptions or deductions that you would have otherwise been entitled to take
  • Assessing an amount against you equal to your "overstated" tax liability, plus interest and penalties
  • Starting collection actions against you, which may result in placing liens or levies on property or bank accounts

Furthermore, taxes due from a substitute for return are not dischargeable in bankruptcy.

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