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Unpaid Or Back Taxes

Unpaid or Back Taxes

Have you or your business received a notice regarding unpaid or back taxes? It is important to address the matter immediately, DO NOT let an unresolved tax matter linger. At Marini & Associates Law Offices, we understand how easily a tax issue can become serious and complex. We pride ourselves in providing experienced legal guidance and tenaciously represent individual and corporate taxpayers, both, foreign and domestic. Assessing your options and developing a strategy quickly is our highest priority. Located in Miami, our firm is dedicated to managing your tax debt while protecting you from serious IRS action.

Some of the reasons individuals and businesses owe back taxes include:

  • Overstating deductions or expenses on previous tax returns
  • Understating income on previous tax returns
  • Audit resulting in a tax deficiency

Tax debt can grow quickly. The IRS can assess a penalty for filing late and then another penalty for paying late. In addition, interest can accrue on top of those penalties. Penalties and accruing interest will turn a manageable unpaid tax into an overwhelming amount of tax owed. Don't subject yourself to IRS action that can include:

    • Tax levies
    • Levy on real or personal property
    • Levy on bank accounts


File even if you can't pay

Even if you can't to pay all of the tax that you owe, it is crucial to file anyway. If you don't file, you may be subject collection actions by the IRS and penalties which can be up to 25 percent of tax owed. At Marini & Associates, we take proactive steps to help you avoid collection action. Whatever the reason for, or amount of, your back taxes, our firm will work with you to obtain the solution that is best suited for you. Schedule a consultation, contact us in Miami at (305) 374-4424 or toll free at (888) 882 9243 or contact us online.

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