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Undergoing an IRS audit can be a very stressful time for the taxpayer. IRS tax audits can also place serious financial and emotional burdens on individuals and businesses. These investigations are often stressful, time-consuming and intrusive. When businesses and individuals learn they may be the subject of an IRS investigation, they need to have a dedicated tax lawyer on their side to fully represent and protect their interests.

Marini & Associates, P.A.’s audit attorneys, many of whom are former IRS Tax Attorneys, have experience in working and negotiating with the IRS. Once you retain us, you will never have to deal with the IRS; we do it for you!

Marini & Associates, P.A.’s tax attorneys manage the stress of dealing with the IRS for you. They also protect your rights and your interests while aggressively defending your tax reporting positions.

The tax audit attorneys at Marini & Associates, P.A. know the procedural issues, problems and benefits in dealing with the IRS. Our firm is experienced at working with the IRS to resolve audits as efficiently as possible. Your tax defense attorneys at Marini & Associates, P.A. will coordinate with the IRS revenue agents early on in the audit process to establish the audit parameters and we work with the taxpayer to present their materials in the most effective manner. Our knowledge of IRS audit procedures and regulations helps us protect the taxpayer’s rights and prevent abuses by the IRS.

Our tax audit lawyers aggressively assist its clients in managing their IRS and State Tax Audits. Marini & Associates PA has its tax attorneys involved at various stages of the Tax Audit Process.

Our approach towards audits is grounded in extensive preparation and process management. Many clients come to us immediately upon getting contacted by the taxing agencies. Others start the IRS audit on their own or with their accountant, and turn to our tax attorneys when they feel that that the process is starting to overwhelm them.

Often, we are asked to step in once a taxing agency has made an unfavorable adjustment to the taxpayer's tax liability. Although, our tax attorneys have achieved great results at every stage of the tax audit process, we feel that the best results are achieved when the client brings us in as early as possible.

Our tax lawyers have saved our clients Millions of Dollars in IRS and State taxes, penalties, and interest as a result of hiring Marini & Associates, PA to represent them in tax audits before the IRS and various State Taxing Authorities.

Once you have hired Marini & Associates PA to represent you will not be required to have any personal contact with the IRS whatsoever!

If you have been contacted by the IRS or a State or Local Tax Agency regarding a Tax Audit, contact Marini & Associates, PA today for assistance representing and defending you from further Governmental Action and Assessments!


Tax Audit Questions


When people are faced with an IRS audit they begin asking questions:

  • Have I done something wrong?
  • Am I in trouble?
  • How can I protect myself?

If you are being audited, there is a distinct possibility that you will run into issues and potentially be penalized. You could even face criminal charges. And this is after the IRS had unleashed a deluge of paperwork requests and tight deadlines.


We Can Help!


Marini & Associates, PA’s, lawyers (TaxAid.com) can handle all of the paperwork and dealings with the IRS, so you can continue with your life, during a tax audit, without ever meeting with the IRS. We are skilled at navigating the audit process, have successfully represented numerous clients through IRS Tax Audits, IRS Tax Appeals & Tax Litigation and after > 30 years of representing clients in tax matters, we have established a very good working relationship with the IRS.




Line by line we'll go over the IRS auditor’s Information Document Requests (IDRs) and Notice of Preliminary Assessment, making sure that everything is handled properly. Regardless of your circumstances, we can help you get the best possible outcome!




When you get a letter, receive a telephone call, or other contact regarding your tax return from the IRS or State or Local Taxing Agencies call us to have one of our Experienced Tax Attorneys will represent you. Once you have hired contact Marini & Associates, PA to represent you will not be required to have any personal contact with the IRS whatsoever!

Our Audit Defense includes:

  • All communication and meetings with the IRS from receipt of the first notice to completion of the audit.
  • We will defend your income tax return in an audit through the highest level of appeals.
  • Schedule and attend all audit appointments.
  • Review your tax return for additional problem areas.
  • Review your documentation before we presented it to the IRS.
  • Consult with your Accountant, Bookkeeper or CPA to obtain a thorough understanding of your tax history.
  • Make all audit phone calls.
  • Handle all audit correspondence.
  • Prepare requests for appeals conferences.
  • Prepare a U.S. Tax Court Petition, if necessary.




If you have been contacted by the IRS or a State/Local Taxing Authority, regarding a possible Tax Audit, contact Marini & Associates, PA immediately for assistance in representing and defending you from further Governmental Action and Assessments!

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